Do You Need to See the Body Before It’s Cremated?

Posted on May 8, 2023 by Amanda Gendron-Roese under Cremation Services
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cremation services in Fort Myers, FLSome members of the family find it upsetting to be present for the final moments with a deceased family member or friend before the burial. On the other hand, some families choose to cherish the final moments they have with a member of their family. In fact, some cremation services in Fort Myers, FL offer witness cremation to give bereaved families a chance to witness the last moments of the remains of their loved ones before being turned into ashes.

So, what is witness cremation? and why some families choose this kind of service?

The majority of crematoriums provide the choice of a witness cremation, which allows family members to watch over a loved one while they are incinerated in front of them. This is often an additional paid service, and there may be limits placed on the number of individuals who may view at the same time.

Occasionally, a witness cremation will be preceded by a short, private family prayer or service. Family members will often get together to discuss the upcoming event. The crematory operator will deposit the body in the retort once everyone is ready. The crematory worker will activate the body’s combustion by pressing a button. Families have the option of having a loved one perform the cremation in place of the crematory’s operator if they so want.

It takes from three to five hours to cremate a single witness, thus the process is now complete. A viewing chamber allows loved ones to observe the cremation process, either in part or in its whole.

Religions like Hinduism and Buddhism advocate cremation over burial. The deceased’s family and friends are customarily asked to wait with the body until it is prepared for burial or cremation. Some relatives hold the view that it is important to be there for the cremation of a loved one and even to assist in the burning of the body.

While it is true that funeral directors can be relied upon to treat the body of a deceased loved one with the utmost care and dignity, some families feel more comfortable taking this responsibility into their own hands. Cultural norms may dictate how the body is to be cared for, or a person may be emotionally incremation services in Fort Myers, FLvested in seeing their loved one’s funeral through. Some families find comfort in knowing they can oversee every aspect of the funeral process, from the time of death to the cremation.

When a loved one dies, the survivors may feel compelled to physically follow the deceased to their last resting place. The spiritual and practical habit of watching over the body of a deceased loved one allows the grieving to demonstrate their love and care for the deceased while also ensuring the body is treated in line with their desires. Some people wish to be with their dead loved one all the way as they leave their physical form behind because they think their soul stays near to the body after death.

If you are certain that witness cremation is for you, contact the funeral service providers and ask about cremations services in Fort Myers, FL.

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