Forms You May Be Asked to Fill Out at Funeral Homes

Posted on October 17, 2022 by Amanda Gendron-Roese under Funeral Home
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As you can probably imagine, there are a whole bunch of forms that families will need to fill out when they’re working with funeral homes in North Port, FL. If your family is getting ready to go down to a local funeral home to make funeral arrangements for a loved one, you should be ready to fill these forms out. We’re going to run through some of the forms that you’ll need to be prepared to jump on right away. Learn more about them below and make sure you fill them out sooner rather than later upon arriving at a funeral home.


Release authorization form

In order for a North Port, FL funeral home to obtain your loved one’s body so that they can begin preparing it for their burial or cremation, you’re going to need to fill out what’s called a release authorization form. This type of form is designed to give a funeral home permission to take possession of your loved one’s body. Until you provide a funeral home with this form, your loved one’s body might get stuck in a holding pattern. So it’s a good idea to fill this form out as soon as you possibly can.


Vital statistics form

A funeral home is going to need to know all about your loved one to help you make funeral arrangements for them. They’ll need to know everything from their full name and their hometown to the names of their immediate family members and their work history. They’re going to use all of this information to help you plan out their funeral services. You’ll need to fill out something called vital statistics to form in many cases so that a funeral home can obtain all the necessary information from you on your loved one.


Funeral arrangements form

funeral homes in North Port, FLPlanning a funeral can be a whole lot more complicated than you might think. There are typically hundreds of decisions that will need to be made to pull a person’s funeral services together. To keep all of these decisions straight, a funeral home will ask you to fill out what is known as a funeral arrangements form. It’ll ensure that all of the decisions you make with regard to your loved one’s funeral services are documented. You won’t have to worry about any decisions slipping through the cracks when you complete a funeral arrangements form.


Cremation authorization form

If you’re going to bury a loved one, you obviously won’t need to worry about filling out this form. But if you’re going to cremate them, it’ll be a different story. Before a funeral home can start the cremation process, they’ll need to secure your permission to move forward. You can give them your blessing by filling out a cremation authorization form. You will also have to help a funeral home properly identify your loved one’s body at some point so that they can proceed with the cremation process.


It can be challenging trying to keep up with all the forms that you’ll have to fill out while planning a loved one’s North Port, FL funeral services. Our funeral home can help you stay on top of them when you make funeral arrangements for a loved one through us. Reach out to us today to get started.

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