Sympathy Gifts to Consider Sending to Grieving Families

Posted on August 15, 2022 by Amanda Gendron-Roese under Funeral Home
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Would you like to show a grieving family just how sorry you were to hear about the loss of their loved one? The easiest way to do it would be by sending a sympathy gift in their direction. A sympathy gift will provide a family with some small sense of relief while they’re making funeral arrangements for their loved one at one of the funeral homes in North Port, FL So, what kinds of sympathy gifts can you get for a grieving family? Check out several of the options that you’ll have below.



Over time, flowers have turned into some of the most popular sympathy gifts around. It’s why just about North Port, FL funeral home is filled to the brim with flowers. Flowers make a great sympathy gift because they can carry so much meaning. Lilies, roses, and carnations are just some of the types of funeral flowers that have special meanings behind them. Flowers are also great sympathy gifts because they can be used to decorate a funeral home for the funeral services of a grieving family’s loved one.



Although many families appreciate getting flowers as sympathy gifts in the days following a loved one’s death, others would prefer for people to not send them. In many cases, these families will make a note of this in their loved one’s obituary, and they’ll also suggest that people make donations in their loved one’s name instead. You should always sneak a peek at a person’s obituary to see whether or not their family would like people to make charitable donations as opposed to sending flowers.



If you want to get a sympathy gift for a grieving family that’s going to stand out a little bit more than flowers will, how about going with a basket? There are sympathy gifts that you can buy containing everything from fresh fruits to different kinds of candy for a grieving family. You might even be able to find some sympathy baskets that contain all the different ingredients for a meal. These kinds of baskets will be great for those who want to make sure a grieving family is able to eat while planning a loved one’s funeral services.


funeral homes in North Port, FLCards

Each of the sympathy gifts that we’ve listed thus far will require you to make a pretty sizable investment. If you aren’t able to afford them, you can keep things simple (and cheap!) by picking up a sympathy card for a grieving family. You might even be able to get away with sending a digital sympathy card to a grieving family for free. A grieving family will appreciate you keeping them in your thoughts and prayers when you send a card to them.


If you would like to send a sympathy gift to a grieving family, our traditional burial or funeral home might be able to help you find something that would be perfect. We can also assist all the grieving families out there that need help planning a loved one’s North Port, FL funeral services. Reach out to us today for all your funeral needs.

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