What to Dress a Loved One In for Cremation Services

Posted on May 23, 2022 by Amanda Gendron-Roese under Cremation Services
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If you and your family aren’t super familiar with cremation services in Sarasota, FL and how they work, you might not know what you should have a loved one wear during an upcoming cremation. It can be confusing for many families who are still learning the ropes when it comes to cremation. If your family falls into this category, we’ve got some suggestions on what you should think about putting your loved one in for their cremation. See some of our ideas below and consider which one would be your best option.

Basic hospital gown

Oftentimes, families will decide to carry out Sarasota, FL cremations for their loved ones while they’re wearing whatever they died in. If your loved one was in the hospital when they died, it might mean leaving them right in their hospital gown for their cremation. Although a hospital gown is obviously not the fanciest thing that a person can wear for a cremation, it’ll get the job done and help you avoid having to part ways with any of your loved one’s real clothes.

Sunday best

When families bury their loved one, they’ll often have them placed into suits or dresses first. It’ll give them one last opportunity to see their loved ones looking their absolute best. If you would prefer to go in this direction, you’re more than welcome to do it. It will, of course, require you to part ways with one of your loved one’s nicest outfits. But you might not mind doing it when you consider how nice that your loved one will look prior to their cremation.

Favorite outfit

Was there an outfit your loved one wore almost every single day during the later years in their life? If they happened to really enjoy wearing one particular outfit, that could be the winner for their cremation. You’ll rest a little easier knowing that your loved one went out of this world with an outfit that they loved on. There are some families that would prefer to keep an outfit like this for themselves. But if yours isn’t going to keep it for sentimental reasons, cremating your loved one with it on might be your best bet.

Nothing at all

While not all funeral homes are going to be on board with this idea, some of them will allow you and yourcremation services in Sarasota FL family to cremate your loved one without any clothes on. It’s a good option for those families that want to send their loved ones out of this world while they’re wearing exactly what they came into it with—nothing! It is, at the very least, an option that you and your family should kick around. It’ll give you an opportunity to cremate a loved one without having to give up any of their clothing in the process.

Is your family struggling to decide what a loved one should wear during their Sarasota, FL cremation services? Our funeral home can help you to pick out the right outfit for them when you cremate them through us. Give us a call now to get more information on your different funeral homes options.