Why People Should Consider Pre-Planning Services at Funeral Homes

Posted on August 17, 2020 by Amanda Gendron-Roese under Cremation Services
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North Port, FL cremation

When you first start thinking about doing it, the idea of pre-planning funeral services for yourself at one of the funeral homes in North Port, FL might not sound very appealing. Who in their right mind would want to sit around and come up with a plan for what’s going to happen when they die one day? But upon further review, pre-planning your funeral services is one of the smartest things that you can do. Take a closer look at why people should consider pre-planning services at funeral homes below.

Helps you commit to either a burial or a cremation

Have you decided whether you want to be buried or cremated at the time of your death? This is a very important decision, yet a lot of people don’t spend any time thinking about it. By pre-planning your North Port, FL funeral services, you’ll essentially be forced to do it. You’ll have to sit down and spend some time thinking which side of the fence you fall on when it comes to burials vs. cremations. And in the end, you’ll be able to choose the one that you want so that there aren’t any misunderstandings when your family goes to lay you to rest one day.

Allows you to create the kind of funeral services that you want

Would you like a very small, intimate funeral with only a few select people in attendance? Or would you prefer a much larger funeral that includes everything from a viewing to a graveside service? The ball will be in your court when you pre-plan funeral services for yourself, as you’ll get to choose whichever kind of funeral you want from start to finish. You’ll appreciate getting to put your own personal touch on your funeral services.

Prevents your family from having to make funeral arrangements for you later

If you don’t work your way through the process of pre-planning funeral services for yourself, guess who is going to have to do it later on? Your family—and it’s going to take a huge toll on them. Rather than mourning your loss and trying to heal from the pain that they feel, they’re going to have to spend hours on end making your funeral arrangements. Wouldn’t it be nice to lift this burden off their shoulders? You can do it by pre-planning funeral services on your own.

Gives you an opportunity to pre-pay for your funeral services

Not all funeral homes force people to pre-pay for their funeral services when they pre-plan them. But most will, at the very least, give people a chance to do it if they want to. If you choose to do it, you’ll be able to lock in a nice low rate for your funeral services. You’ll also be able to cover the costs of your funeral services so that your family doesn’t have to worry about doing it at some point down the line.

North Port, FL cremation

Interested in going through the funeral pre-planning process? Gendron Funeral & Cremation Services Inc. can help you do it, regardless of whether you want to go with a burial or a North Port, FL cremation. Come down to our funeral home to speak with a funeral director about pre-planning services or call us to get more information on how pre-planning works.

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